I have the morals of a Disney queen and the hair of a Disney princess. Sometimes I speak German. Sometimes I speak Dutch. Willemijn Verkaik is my everything.

What grisly sort of plague is going round? #GGLAM  (x)

What grisly sort of plague is going round? #GGLAM  (x)

❝ theavidbookfreak asked: I just auditioned for my school's fall play and the list comes out tomorrow! I'm kind of nervous but I just found out I was cast as Sister Chantelle in a tumblr recording of Bare: A Pop Opera and Im so excited about it! Also I too am a huge GG fan!!!

Best of luck to you tomorrow darling!!! Let me know what happens!!! And omg congratulations on Sister Chantelle!!!

And yay you like Gilmore Girls too!!!



Title: Die unstillbare Gier

Artist: Drew Sarich

Played: 661 times


The only known OFFICIAL recording of Drew!Lock. Taken from the Ronacher YouTube channel.


i wanna meet the male version of me 


do you ever wonder if your followers ever talk about you outside of tumblr


Does anyone want this URL? Send me an ask if you do!

❝ piningherbert asked: I continually have so many feelings about Gilmore Girls. And I usually only see Gilmore Girls on my dash from the GG blogs I follow. Seeing you reblog GG makes me so happy. I just love Gilmore Girls so much.

I reblog it with you in mind now ;)

My heart was broken twice and slowly my soul turned to ice